Mena eSolutions participates in ISA Automation Conference and Exhibition 2016 in Abu Dhabi

Mena eSolutions for the first time has participated this year at the ISA Automation Conference and Exhibition 2016 in Abu Dhabi.

( organized by DMS Global. This signals our focus into developing and promoting Industrial Solutions utilizing our technical capabilities in Applications Integration, Real-Time Decision Support and Business Intelligence & Analytics, Multi-Channel Portals, CyberSecurity and Asset Monitoring. With global initiatives such as IoT, Industrie 4.0, and the IT/OT convergence we see an opportunity to offer such technology into our market. We aim to work closely with the Major Industrial sectors of the region such as Oil&Gas, PetroChemicals, Power and Water as well as industry bodies such as ISA to achieve success in this initiative.

Some of our solution partners including Ambrit ( from UK with solutions pertaining to management and monitoring of Flow Computers installed on Custody Transfer Metering Systems as well as RTUs installed on Pipelines. Also, ValveWatch ( ), who focus similarly on Valve and Actuator assets including Real-Time Preventative Maintenance capabilities.