Business to Business Integration (B2B)

Business to Business Integration (B2B)

In a competitive environment, organizations are joining forces to address the same customers leveraging on channels, geographical presence, branding or other factors that will attract the customer.

This is very often faced with a challenge to integrate systems from two different organizations while using the same security, application access and data integrity environments.

Such integration can sometimes be limited in time depending on a joint marketing or awareness campaign, a limited time for citizens to register, as an example.

Mena eSolutions has developed extensive experience in the B2B arena working with organizations that are handling a large volume of customers and with needs changing over weeks if not days. We use the best of breed technologies to allow:

  • • External permanent or campaign based integrations
  • • Preparing the hosting framework for integration on both sides
  • • Defining and applying the different security and application rules

Creating an integration environment that is not disturbing existing ESBs, if any, neither requiring partners to have an ESB.