Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Many organizations need more than one application to fulfill the core business requirements, monitor their processes and control the operations. Along with new trends in software technology, the need for enhancements and the complexity of IT systems leads to an increasing demand for Enterprise wide Application Integration.

A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can provide enterprises with significant benefits, including the ability to reuse application functionality and to interconnect heterogeneous applications to create new composite ones, dramatically reducing time to market.

We have developed a mature practice in this area for the last fifteen years deploying different SOA based projects in the Middle East & North Africa region. The technology has improved allowing a rapid deployment of SOA based environments, backed by MENA’s expertise in selecting the right technology for the customer’s environment.

The main advantage is that an SOA environment will translate your business services into technology services, allowing you to provide them to your customers and change them according to your needs.

Using EAI, you can integrate:

  • • Legacy / Mainframe Systems
  • • Bespoke Applications
  • • Business Partner Applications (B2B)
  • • ERP & CRM Applications
  • • Control & Sensing applications


Advantages of EAI

• Real-time.
• Integration and Connection between systems.
• Security.
• Scalability.
• Reusability of development assets and services

EAI Features

• Messaging
• Adapters for market applications
• Data Transformation
• Message Routing
• Monitoring/Administration