Contact Centers Integration

Contact Centers Integration

In today’s world, organizations are constantly on the wave of improving customer service and their interaction with the market. Customers are more demanding and technology savvy, where needs are addressed in a customized manner.

Most businesses operate contact centers whether on premise or outsourced. The reality is no one is doing business alone, but working with partners. Today’s challenge is to address integration with the partners, the multi-channel aspect of communication with customers while keeping existing investment.

Mena eSolutions is a visionary in this space, leveraging on our SOA expertise, bringing it with our technology partners to the contact center world integrating all the different channels and consolidating into customer relationship management systems for a better customer experience.

Our solution is revolving around the following components: 

  • • Creating a joint environment for interactions, resources and information
  • • Integrating mobile interactions and users
  • • Unifying channels through the Customer interaction Management Platform
  • • Creating an automated environment for data collection across interaction resources
  • • Integrating with the existing contact center technology
  • • Centralizing the customer interaction through one CRM interface
  • • Providing a decision making framework for continuous improvement