The rapid growth of technology has changed the way the telecommunications industry operates. Leading telecom operators in the MENA region are using a wide choice of different technology offerings that are within our portfolio. Our solutions enable customers to go beyond their traditional services by analyzing and understanding their target markets, improving loyalty, reducing cost and increasing lifetime value.

Our offerings and services transform the telecommunication sector by providing:

  • • Enterprise Backbone
  • • OSS/BSS Integration
  • • Business to Business Integration
  • • Business Process Management
  • • Business Optimization
  • • Complex Order Management
  • • Mobile Money
  • • CDR (Call Records) Retention and Analytics / Data Mining

Financial Sector

In Today’s world financial institutions are revolutionizing the way they operate and serve the customer. New strategies and customer interaction channels are built based on their customer demand and increasing loyalty in their existing market, before venturing into new markets. Acquisitions are also playing an important role in this area, where IT consolidation is key.

We have actively partnered with key financial services providers in the region to offer solutions that help them through this transformation journey. Our offerings include:

  • • Enterprise Application Integration
  • • Retail Business Performance Monitoring
  • • Customer interaction intelligence
  • • Core Banking integration with different customer channels
  • • Self Service in branch and cross-retail area
  • • Loyalty program management
  • • Mobile Sales Force Automation

Government & Transportation Sector

Governments are focused today on providing easy access to their services for the community served. We have undertaken major projects to build customer interaction portals with all the enterprise integration required to achieve the service goals for the citizen and visitors.

This is tightly coupled with the transportation sector, where alliances and regional consolidation are taking place.

Our technology offerings, combined with services, helps transportation companies manage a certain number of strategic areas around our offerings which includes:

  • • Customer Interaction Portals
  • • Self Service channels
  • • Enterprise Application Integration between core airline applications.
  • • PSS program SOA governance
  • • PSS program EAI development (Reservations, inventory, Ticketing, Distribution & Loyalty)
  • • TOGAF/ITIL framework implementation

Energy Sector

Our parent holding company is a major operator in Oil & Gas Services and Energy trading. This has given us a great exposure to the industry challenges and requirements. We have worked with providers in this area to cater to their needs, through rapid technology implementation and deployment.

  • • Enterprise Application Integration
  • • Analytics for critical areas such as maintenance and production
  • • Real time data acquisition from machinery and pipelines to build decision making platforms.
  • • Mobile field applications.
  • • Alert automation.